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FASTRIP at the heart of the new ALIT advertising campaign

The new advertising campaign dedicated to the FASTRIP range was presented in the June issue of Verniciatura Industriale.

ALIT Technologies’ line-up of latest generation FASTRIP machinery is confirmed as the protagonist of the new advertising campaign released in the latest issue of Verniciatura Industriale.

At the heart of the new advertising some of the FASTRIP technologies:

  • Fastrip FP: the filtration unit developed in conjunction with the stripping tank capable of continuously eliminating the sludge produced by chemical stripping process, allowing to obtain a dry sludge.
  • Fastrip T2: a range of immersion stripping tanks with compact size, equipped with ultrasound technology and integrated heating system.
  • Fastrip T5: a range of medium-sized stripping tanks with a capacity of 800 litres.
  • Fastrip S: a vertical spray system for the chemical stripping of metals which enables to create a paint stripping station right beside the existing production lines with a very small footprint.
  • Fastrip ISP: a stripping plant featuring a horizontal tank above which a rail runs for the in-line handling of hooks and frames intended for electrostatic coating operations.

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