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Save your money with the Fastrip T5 Multi-Tank

A new advertising campaign dedicated to the Fastrip T5 Multi-Tank machine was published in the November/December issue of ipcm.

In the November/December issue of the technical magazine ipcm®_International Paint&Coating Magazine, ALIT Technologies has published a new advertisement dedicated to Fastrip T5 Multi-Tank.

The brand-new modular system consists of a FASTRIP T5 stripping tank, and a series of accessories that can be tailored to specific customer requirements for the maximum efficiency. The items to be stripped are loaded into specially designed baskets, lifted with the overhead crane to be transferred into the T5 stripping tank. From here the pieces go into the rinsing tank and finally to the dripping tank, where they can also be spray rinsed if required, thanks to a multifunctional wheeled pump.

Thanks to its low process temperatures FASTRIP T5 MULTITANK allows you to achieve considerable savings of energy and thus optimize costs.

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