The seventh issue of ALIT Magazine is finally out!

Our aptitude for big projects has given life to the richest edition of our house-organ and we are happy to present it to you today.

As always, within this issue you will find several case studies that we think are useful for understanding the functioning and effectiveness of our products.

In particular, we wrote an article which shows an application case of CLARIS 9346MB, our additive which has allowed the Portuguese company Extrusal, specialized in the extrusion of aluminium profiles, to double the life of the alkaline solution used in the cleaning tank of the moulds.

Another case study tells the story of the Multi-Tank paint stripping process implemented in a company – Sabiana – producing air conditioning equipment which, thanks to the technology provided by ALIT Technologies, has obtained various advantages in terms of quality and costs.

Inside the Magazine there are two important news relating to the growth of the company: ALIT Technologies has become a joint-stock company and has launched a new brand – Mas-King – specialized in the manufacturing of masking equipment for the painting industry.

Furthermore, the company obtained, during 2023, two certifications, which we wanted to talk about in the Magazine. These testify to ALIT’s commitment to the continuous implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

As for automation, we would like to present you “packaGINA”, a completely automatic system for filling tanks with chemical products, positioning the lid, closing it and applying labels.

The seventh issue could not miss the section dedicated to new arrivals in the ALIT family and to those who are celebrating five years in the team.

What else? We look forward to meeting you during 2024 at two important international fairs: PaintExpo and Aluminium!

What is told in the magazine represents tangible proof of our continuous commitment to growth and improvement. Enthusiastic about a bright future and the new goals that await us, we thank you for the precious collaboration and for the trust you place in us. Continue to follow us for further news!

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