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ALIT Academy Magazine n. 6 has been released

After showing all our innovations in the past issue, we now show our readers how we are developing and expanding in a global and competitive market through successful partnerships and transfer of knowledge and technology to our customers.

First thing first we would like to thank our customers and distributors for the great collaboration and organization they have demonstrated in the preceding months. As is the case every year, our company also closed for two weeks during the summer break. During this period, our foreign customers and distributors showed great understanding and flexibility by arranging things in a way that did not disrupt the supply of our products and services.

In this issue of ALIT Magazine, we will introduce another foreign distributor who has been working with us for several years: ITS (IDEAL-Trade Service spol. s r.o.). ITS is a leading company in the chemical sector in Slovakia with extensive experience and an excellent reputation. We are confident that we will continue to work well together and achieve high growth objectives in this beautiful country.

The magazine’s goal is to inform the public about all the internal activities and dynamics of the company, to communicate ALIT’s great dynamism. In this issue, we will showcase the ongoing work within the company. We are investing in new machinery and technologies to increase production capacity and automation in the packaging of chemicals. These investments will enable us to improve efficiency and product quality and better meet all your needs, always focusing on safety and corporate well-being.

You will also find three case studies of clients who have achieved tangible results using our chemical products. These success stories demonstrate how our products can help companies improve their production processes and reduce costs.

We are pleased to announce that we have earned the ISO 9001 certification, a significant recognition of the quality of our products and services. Above all, the key to this achievement and corporate growth is our internal organization. At ALIT, we are constantly striving to improve, analyse errors to correct them, and do better. The ISO 9001 certification assesses our ability to meet customer requirements and continuously improve our performance.

We are proud to confirm our sponsorship of VeronaVolley, one of Italy’s most important volleyball teams. We believe that this sponsorship can help us introduce more foreign people to this wonderful sport and especially to this amazing team that had an excellent championship last year. If you happen to be in Italy, give us a call; it will be our pleasure to host you and watch a VeronaVolley volleyball match together.

We extend a warm welcome to Fabio and Andrea, our two new colleagues. Fabio will be responsible for electrical design and development, while Andrea will oversee marketing and corporate communication. We are delighted to have them on board and are confident they will contribute to the success of our company.

These are just a few of the important updates we have to share with you. We are committed to continuous growth and improvement, and we are confident that we will achieve great milestones in the coming months and years together.

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