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ALIT Technologies launches FASTRIP T2-120 MIX

ALIT Technologies is pleased to announce FASTRIP T2-120 MIX, the T2’s range most compact paint stripping system.

ALIT Technologies, a leading manufacturer of machines and products for the surface treatment of metals, is pleased to announce the launch of FASTRIP T2-120 MIX, an even more compact evolution of the T2 system, designed for an effective and a rapid paint removal.

Any company that coats metal parts in-house typically needs to paint strip two types of items: the frames or hooks used for hanging operations and any defectively painted workpieces. ALIT Technologies has developed the FASTRIP T2-120 MIX, the most compact paint stripping machine in the T2 range, in order to offer an efficient and space-saving solution.

“ALIT TECHNOLOGIES has developed FASTRIP T2-120 MIX based on its many years of experience in the paint stripping industry” says Loris, CEO of ALIT Technologies. “This machine does not use ultrasound, as the mechanical action of the paint stripper on the parts’ is ensured by the hydrostatic thrust generated by the mixer. The fact that ultrasound has been replaced by a mixer is precisely what distinguishes FASTRIP T2-120 MIX from our top-of-the-line model FASTRIP T2-100.  This makes the former a quieter machine that can also operate with a more polluted paint stripper; the absence of ultrasound also allows for the use of electronic components that are less sensitive to the heat developed during normal machine operation. Overall, these choices have resulted in the design of an extremely robust, reliable, safe, and well-functioning system”.

The process

With FASTRIP T2-120 MIX, paint stripping is performed by immersing the workpieces in a tank containing a liquid paint stripping solution that is heated and kept under constant agitation through a special paddle mixer. At the end of the paint stripping cycle, the basket containing the parts is removed from the process tank; after a rinse, these can be reprocessed normally.

The required process steps are the following:

1)Loading of the basket with the components to be stripped;

2)Manual immersion of the basket in the FASTRIP T2-120 MIX tank;

3)Paint stripping;

4)Manual extraction of the basket;

5)Dripping above the paint stripping tank;

6)External rinse of the treated workpieces.

Technical features

FASTRIP T2-120 MIX is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and it includes the following elements:

– Rectangular paint stripping tank with a clear dimension of approximately 450 x 700 x h300 mm and 20/10 thick walls, with a filling volume of about 120 liters. It has a 1” stainless steel bottom valve for full emptying, a temperature sensor for the paint stripping fluid, and a liquid level sensor. It is also equipped with a 2” upper sleeve for possible connection to a suction system.

– Steel mixer located on the short side of the tank. It keeps the liquid constantly circulating to ensure greater stripping efficiency and better performance of the heating system. The coupling of the motor with the shaft is not direct, but it occurs through a belt-pulley transmission system that protects the motor against both direct heating by the liquid and vapours from the paint stripper.

Steel mixer.

– Electric heating elements fixed on the tank’s exterior wall, which allow the maximum temperature of the paint-removing liquid to be reached at 80°C.  The choice of placing the electric heating elements externally avoids direct contact between the paint stripping liquid and the heating source, thus meeting the highest safety standards.

– Lid entirely made of steel, complete with thermal insulation and 2 pistons to facilitate manual opening and closing operations. The lid’s closure is shaped in such a way as to collect the condensation formed on it during the paint stripping cycle.

– Electric lock ensuring that the mixer stops if the lid is opened.

– Integrated control panel and external electromechanical switches for process parameter management. The panel is located below the tank and mounted on a mechanical slide that allows it to be removed for inspection or maintenance operations. It enables to adjust the temperature of the liquid and of the heating elements and to control the electric lock and the mixer.

– Thermal insulation on all sides of the tank, made of rock wool with a high insulation coefficient.

– Side panel made of AISI 304 stainless steel, easily removable for maintenance.