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Q&A How can paint removal baths be made to last for a long time?

14 Jan 2019. The chemical formulations used for paint stripping, result from the skills that every company in the sector guards passionately. The formulations also have a considerably high incidence in the general costs of paint stripping processes. Nevertheless, the baths can last for years, and, if the right precautions are taken, they can last for nearly five years before requiring reintegration or replacement.

How should they be treated? Using an effective filtering system is paramount, and this is what Alit Technologies recommends when it invites its industrial partners to equip itself with its Fastrip FP press filter in addition to the Fastrip ISP system for in-line stripping. It eases the perfect ‘maintenance’ of chemical baths, keeping them clean from paint residues. It also allows the pressing and squeezing of the wasted paint, reducing it to a dry compound that is easy to handle and removing the precious paint stripping solution from it.

The waste, as seen in the image captured recently at a Thai customer’s industrial premises, becomes solidified and manageable and not dirty, with the cost of its disposal lower than it would be for its liquid version. The experience of the Thai customer, who is currently using the Alit formulation METALSTRIP 1460 + METALSTRIP AKTIVATOR 1660 is an excellent example that confirms the possibility of obtaining less waste to be disposed of and chemical baths in a good condition indefinitely.

Dried compound resulting from the filtering system