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Q&A Why do well-stripped hooks ease an optimal painting?

12 Nov 2018. The hooks or frames used to transport items to be painted in industrial lines should be stripped off well before being reused, for the simple reason that the presence of paint particles that have not been removed properly during cleaning, decrease the electrostatic effect. In this regard, read the comments of one of our clients, Mr Andreas Marcou, who is Muskita’s plant manager at page 50 of IPCM’s October issue where he is pointing out the importance of electrostatic conductivity.

In electrostatic painting, the paint powder sticks to the product due to the electrostatic effect, but the possible presence of paint from a previous process generates a repulsive barrier between successive layers.

Therefore, by cleaning the support hook well, the number of items that are painted badly and must be reworked is reduced drastically. This also allows a reduction in paint consumption.

For this reason, Alit recommends its Fastrip ISP technology In-line paint Stripping Process, a system of heated tanks containing chemical paint-stripping solutions that are placed between the writing probe and the loading probe of the painting process. During their passage, the hooks or frames to be cleaned are immersed in the tank and, within a few minutes, in relation to the paint used and the working temperature, come out at the end of the process perfectly cleaned. They are then ready for optimal reuse and are able to promote maximum electrostatic conductivity in the subsequent processes.