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ALIT designs in remote a new in-line paint stripping system

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The lockdown due to the pandemic did not stop ALIT Technologies’ team, who managed to complete the project for an in-line paint stripping machine, commissioned by a customer from Eastern Europe, despite the international travel restrictions.

During the health emergency of the first months of this year, an important Eastern European company contacted Alit Technologies for the design and installation of a system for the in-line paint stripping of hooks, to be integrated into a vertical coating line with a capacity of 2.2 m/min. 

“Although we received this request during the most critical period of the pandemic, that is, when national 

and international travel was completely forbidden,” says Rossi, “with the collaboration of the entire technical team of Alit Technologies, working through remote connection, we were able to provide the customer with the optimal solution. Finally, in September, we supplied them with a tank type 1600, among the largest in terms of size of the ISP range”, explains ALIT’s CEO Loris Rossi on the pages of ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine.

Characteristics of the in-line paint stripping system

The system supplied consists of a horizontal tank from the 1600 series, made entirely of AISI 304 stainless

steel with dimensions of 8400 x 700 mm. The conveyor runs above the tank for the in-line handling of coating hooks and frames. These are immersed and let move inside the paint stripping bath for a variable time of about 3 minutes. While still hanging onto the chain, the hooks come out of the chemical bath without any paint residue and they can be immediately reused for a new coating cycle.

“This plant, designed remotely by our staff, has a few particularly innovative features, that is, the ultrasound devices that we managed to integrate directly on the tank walls and the filter press with a

vibratory hopper. This feeds the decanter for the use of a new flocculate called AlitFlock 4840, developed

by us to make the stripping sludge mass much drier”, explains Loris Rossi. 

Finally, in order to optimise the operation of the paint stripping system and achieve the results requested

by the customer, ALIT Technologies formulated and developed some special products that are free from

NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone), which have already successfully passed the necessary laboratory tests.

Read below the article published on the international magazine dedicate to surface treatments ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine, issue n. 65 (September/October 2020):