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Fluoride Removal with FLUORIDITE

FLUORIDITE is the new system developed by ALIT Technologies to reduce the concentration of fluorides in wastewater below the legal threshold.

Many production fields have the technical need to use particular chemical formulations with high concentrations of specific elements. For some specialised sectors in the surface treatment of steel, glass, and aluminium, for example, the use of products with high fluoride concentrations is unavoidable. However, there exist legal limits for the concentration of fluorides in surface and sewage water.

In the specific sector of aluminium coating, the continuous demand for higher productivity and pre-treatment quality has led to an increase in the use of chemicals, also resulting in critical issue in terms of waste water management.

A standard purification cycle, based mainly on an acidification phase (when necessary) followed by a neutralisation phase with lime, is very often not sufficient to achieve such low concentrations of fluorides, even with considerable dwell times in the line. In order to provide a truly effective solution to this problem without necessarily having to intervene at the plant engineering level, ALIT has developed FLUORIDITE, a liquid product that can be used directly on existing waste water treatment systems. FLUORIDITE allows to reduce the concentration of fluorides in wastewater below the legal limits.

In the article published on ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine (May/June 2022) n. 75, we deepen the technical characteristics of FLUORIDITE and present two case studies. Read the full article: