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Improving Efficiency, Productivity, and Environmental Friendliness with Chemical Paint Stripping

Find out the results that a company specialising in the extrusion and powder coating of aluminium profiles has achieved through its partnership with Alit.

The quality and efficiency of the paint stripping of hooks and hanging equipment are crucial to obtain good powder coating results, but they are often underestimated.

Coating users, both on their own behalf and on behalf of others, tend to consider this ancillary phase of organic coating treatments as a mere maintenance operation, which does not require careful planning or the use of particularly advanced technologies.

Reality, however, proves otherwise, especially in powder coating. Failure to strip hanging hooks and even sketchy stripping can greatly affect the quality of the applied coatings, because they prevent proper electrostatic charging of workpieces, with major consequences in terms of production waste and rework. Other aspects that tend to be overlooked in relation to paint stripping, especially with chemical products, are its healthiness and environmental impact: it is still common to observe the use of aggressive and dangerous chemical solutions in unsuitable plants.

Designing their paint stripping operations as an essential step in their coating processes, therefore, enables companies to improve efficiency, reduce their activities’ impact, and, above all, lower their costs.

Alumec Srl, a company specialising in the extrusion, machining, and finishing of aluminium profiles for architecture and industry, can testify to the effectiveness of this approach. After years spent stripping its profile-hanging hooks on a vertical system in a two-day process using an aggressive product, about three years ago it implemented a new chemical technology from the Metalstrip range, achieving excellent results in terms of both quality and process.


Metalstrip is the range of innovative chemical products with high performance and low environmental impact. Metalstrip paint strippers are:

  • free from chlorinated compounds;
  • ecologically compatible;
  • formulated to optimize plant performance;
  • compatible for the treatment of ferrous material, aluminium or other light alloys.

Read the full article published within the Architecture & Design section of ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 68 (March/April 2021):