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Pasturi chooses ALIT for the new paint stripping process

Pasturi, an architectural aluminium profile company, has chosen ALIT Fastrip ISP for the stripping of its hanging hooks.

To strip the profile hanging hooks between one coating cycle and another, Pasturi, a company extruding aluminium profiles for several different sectors, including architecture and design, has installed the Fastrip ISP stripping plant by ALIT. 

The in-line plant installed at Pasturi strips the profile hanging hooks in less than three minutes, helping increase the line speed and reduce energy consumption and process costs.

Pasturi’s Fastrip in-line system features a 6-metre-long chemical stripping tank with a capacity of 2 tonnes of product and a hook immersion depth of 30 cm. 

Completely built in stainless steel, this horizontal tank is jacketed and it contains a circuit fed with electrically heated diathermic oil, in order to guarantee low operating costs and optimum temperature maintenance.

The peculiar design of this plant allows flexibly managing various components and options, from the ultrasound arrangement to the type of recirculation pump and suction system: everything must be adaptable to an ever-evolving process flow.

Read below the full article published on the international surface treatment magazine ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine, issue n. 59 (September/October 2019):