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PSP counts on the new Fastrip spray technology to treat automotive components

PSP Sverniciature, one of the Italian pioneers of contracting paint stripping, has installed a Fastrip paint stripping plant.

The paint stripping machine developed by ALIT is based on the spray application technology and responded to PSP Sverniciature’s need to offer, in addition to the paint stripping of coating frames and accessories, a process suitable for all the materials that are difficult to handle with the cryogenic and thermal technologies, such as for example the aluminium workpieces constituting automotive components and design products like handles and lamps.

The advantages of the spray technology

The spray application technology ensures several advantages: it requires products that have a low environmental impact, which are activated at 120°C (i.e. almost the double of the temperature required by immersion processes, occurring at 50 or 60°C) but have very high flash points and are not toxic. 

As a further benefit, they also allow performing a “soft stripping” operation, i.e. a delicate stripping process that does not change the molecular structure of the workpiece or the chemistry of metal, which can thus maintain its peculiar

resistance characteristics.

The Fastrip paint stripping plant is used to recover products in any type of metal, especially aluminium and similar alloys, with defective coatings.

The paint stripping process

The plant is a modular system with one tank. The parts are loaded into a basket that subsequently enters the first tank, where they are treated at a temperature of 120°C. During the spraying of the paint stripping product, the basket rotates by 360° for the whole cycle, which ends with a suction phase. After checking that all workpieces have been properly stripped, the basket is removed from the stripping tank and is placed in a second, identical tank containing water at 70°C to rinse the components. In this way, after verifying that they have been stripped in compliance with specifications, the parts can be immediately packaged and prepared for delivery.

The system’s modular structure allows replacing only the saturated bath while using the second tank for cleaning and rinsing, so that it is not necessary to completely replace the stripping solution.

Besides meeting the PSP’s paint stripping requirements, ALIT staff identified other critical issues related to this process. That is why we tried to provide PSP with a complete system integrated with all useful devices to make its operation cost effective and eco-friendly. In addition to the new stripping technology, ALIT engineers designed and installed a diathermic oil heater, a scrubber for fume abatement, and a sludge treatment unit.

“Thanks to the Fastrip system, the diversity of materials and the recovery attempts performed by the applicator are no longer an issue: the defective coating removal speed and the ability to perform a multi-metal treatment have solved these problems and even streamlined the process, revolutionising the way in which paint stripping has always been conceived”, stated Massimiliano Prederi, owner of PSP Sverniciature. 

Read below the full article published on the international surface treatment magazine ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine, issue n. 57 (May/June 2019), and contact us for further information!