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The winning combination of Fastrip S and Metalstrip

Find out the results that a paint stripping contractor has achieved thanks to the Fastrip S plant and the products of the Metalstrip range developed by ALIT Technologies.

When it comes to paint stripping, each company relies on a different technology according to the specific needs of the parts it treats. In the case of paint stripping contractors, however, it is important to implement solutions that allow processing components of all types and in all sizes. The chemical paint stripping industry typically uses the immersion technique, because it enables the whole workpiece to be covered and therefore provides optimum results.

In order to further optimise its services, Sverniciatura Veneta S.r.l. took an interest in high-temperature chemical paint stripping through spray systems. This is why it decided to install a Fastrip S machine, developed in recent years by ALIT Technologies.

After initial reluctance to embrace such a major technological change, the company worked with ALIT’s engineers to customise a machine that would meet its needs and be able to reach the temperature required by the company (110 °C) in order to achieve high quality results through a faster spray paint stripping process. The company is now capable of providing its customers with uniformly and optimally paint stripped products, while having improved the environmental impact of its processes and reduced resource consumption.

Read the full article published on ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 74 (March/April 2022):