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Sponsor and Partnership


Verona Volley

Verona Volley SSD Srl was officially born on May 27, 2021 at the behest of sports director Gian Andrea Marchesi and then general manager Fabio Venturi, who later became the club’s managing director. On July 12, 2021, the Volleyball League Serie A accepted the application for the 2021/2022 Creem Banca Superleague Championship, officially kicking off the new “gialloblù” adventure. The club’s first president, appointed on July 16, 2021, is lawyer Stefano Fanini. The two founding partners, together with the Swiss Development Corporation, have decided to continue the Scaligera volleyball tradition, with the aim of consolidating the Club with an ambitious sports project supported by careful financial management and a capillary business organization. The core values of the club, loyalty, sportsmanship and tenacity, are the guide and beacon of the Club, which from the outset wanted to focus on a large group of young talents with an experienced sports guide of strong international calibre such as Radostin Stoytchev and at the same time build a strong brand capable of bringing both national and international brand value to the City of Verona.



Founded in 1973 as an independent association adhering to ANIMA – Federation of National Associations of the Miscellaneous and Related Mechanics Industry – UCIF represents more than 50 percent of the Italian production of finishing machines and plants, a sector that employs more than 2,000 people in Italy for an annual turnover of more than 550 million euros and a consolidated export share of 50 percent. Through ANIMA, the UCIF Association is accredited with the Italian Confindustria’s system and represents the finishing sector as a whole. UCIF, which stands for Unione Costruttori Impianti di Finitura, brings together manufacturers of the following types of products: plants and painting installations.

  • application plants and machines;
  • washing plants and machines;
  • shot blasting plants and machines;
  • vibratory finishing plants and machines;
  • air/water purification plants;
  • handling plants;
  • automation and robotics.

Relationships with ANIMA ensure UCIF wide visibility in the international arena, presence at industry tables, and greater collegial strength.



AITAL is a non-profit association formed in November 1994 through the merger of CIOA (Centro Italiano Ossidatori Anodici), founded in 1958, and VECTAL (Associazione italiana verniciatori alluminio), founded in 1986. The association counts as members companies in the aluminium surface treatment sector (anodizing, painting and decorating) and companies operating in the aluminium supply chain.

It counts among its members about forty of the most representative anodizing companies in terms of market presence and quantity, ensuring a production capacity of about 70 percent of the national total. There are more than fifty coating members, and they constitute a production capacity of more than 75% of the entire Italian production. The Association also has about forty Supporting Members, producers of paint products, chemicals, process plants, equipment and equipment, aluminium extrusions, polyamide bars, resins, inks, pigments, transfers for sublimation, and other Companies interested in the surface finishing sector on aluminium.



It was founded in Siena in 1990, based at Le Scotte Polyclinic, at the behest of some parents who found themselves sharing the same reality of the disease. Airett, in relation also to its 30 years of experience, believes that it is fundamental to deal with the disease in all its aspects. It therefore has as its objectives on the one hand the essential one of promoting and funding genetic research to arrive at a cure as soon as possible, and on the other the rather necessary one of supporting clinical-rehabilitation research to find solutions to the many problems that a person with Rett Syndrome faces on a daily basis. To this purpose, in addition to funding targeted research projects, it supports the training of doctors and therapists at internationally advanced centers for RTT and is committed to the creation in Italy of reference centers specializing in RTT for diagnosis, check-up and the drafting of an appropriate rehabilitation and treatment program for the symptomatology. In addition, the association aims to be constantly updated on research at the international level for this reason it is a member of the RSE (Rett Syndrome Europe), promotes conferences at the international level, with the aim of stimulating doctors and researchers to study the pathology and to inform parents and specialists.


A.S.D. Locara Calcio

A.S.D. Locara Calcio is an amateur sports association registered with the FIGC. Their mission is to spread sports culture by offering training aimed at children and young people. They will be happy to welcome your child into the association as well, so that he can achieve the success he deserves in a friendly environment with lots of new friends. Qualified instructors and reliable leaders: the best teaching methods within a beautiful and functional sports center. All their activities carry out a motor and coordination preparation program with qualified coaches. In fact, for the sports opportunity to materialize, the intentional and smart intervention of the operator is needed. All managers, coaches and parents must be aware that sports practice can be a valuable educational experience if an important opportunity to educate is not to be missed. The expertise of coaches will enable children to learn more confidence in themselves and their own abilities.



Via di Natale has been welcoming patients undergoing treatment at the C.R.O. in Aviano and their families free of charge since 1989, first in House 1 and then, since 1996 in the adjacent House 2. Every year there are thousands of people passing through, each with their own story and needs. They try to offer each person the hospitality, care and support they need. The multidisciplinary team consists of properly trained and professional doctors, nurses, OSS, psychologist, and physical therapist. They are joined by auxiliaries, volunteers and spiritual assistants, key figures who are attentive to basic and emotional needs. There are no settled times of permanence; the course of treatment, the indications of the treating physician and the assessments of the team, which place the patient’s quality of life as a priority, are followed. The patient, once discharged, has the option of being re-homed if the clinical situation requires it. Admission to the home allows the family momentary relief from the caring commitment, but also the security that their beloved ones will be followed during the course of the illness. Relief from pain is also a relief for the family, which is not left alone. Hospitality and care are free of charge thanks to the generosity of people, including guests, whose spontaneous offerings to make this great act of human solidarity and the structure management.