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Chemistry & sustainability

We believe in a low impact and high performance chemistry to improve reuse of metal products and reduce waste.

Metalstrip by Alit is our line of innovative, high performance and low environmental impact chemical products.

Fastrip by Alit is our line-up of cutting-edge machinery and technologies, resulting from our research and the fruitful collaboration with our industrial partners to develop a paint stripping process for hooks, frames and metal products of different sizes (also aluminium profiles up to 7 meters), which is quick, efficient and low-cost. Our Fastrip ISP, for example, is a unique in-line chemical paint stripping system that allows the perfect removal of paint from 1320 hooks per hour.

Our factory is located in San Bonifacio, in the province of Verona, North-East Italy – an area of great development and industrial tradition in metalworking. This has also contributed to our commitment to constant innovation toward sustainable technologies that has made us the preferred partner of countless industries in the sector, both Italian and foreign (we work in over 15 countries worldwide), who find in us an outstanding technical support and a strategic collaborator for the improvement of their production lines.