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ALIT Academy Magazine has come true!

November 15, 2021. ALIT Technologies is pleased to present the first issue of ALIT Academy Magazine.

The first issue of ALIT Academy Magazine is available. ALIT Academy Magazine is a new communication tool to allow you direct access to our latest innovations and know better the people who make the magic happen every day.

The idea of ​​this magazine, linked to the ALIT Academy project, comes from the desire to actively engage with our partners, in order to keep them updated on everything that is happening within the company, from internal dynamics to the development of chemical products and new plants. Therefore, the aim is to transfer as much information and knowledge as possible to grow together and ensure a higher degree of preparation to tackle any market need.

The first issue opens with the “Letter to the readers” by the CEO of Alit Technologies, Loris Rossi, and continues with technical articles dedicated respectively to METALSTRIP 2011 and the FASTRIP AP paint stripping plant. Finally, the last pages will be dedicated to the most recent news and to the “The word from the team”, a section dedicated to our team, which aims at giving them a platform to speak out and, at the same time, allow you to learn the latest news from our team.

Each new issue will be released every four months. The first issue is available at the following link:

Enjoy the reading!