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ALIT Academy Magazine n. 5 has been released

To create the fifth issue of ALIT Academy Magazine, we asked ourselves what it really means to innovate in a rapidly changing world. Our answer to the question is within the pages of this issue, through which we retrace the recent advancements that added another milestone in our journey to innovation.

In this increasingly competitive global business landscape, companies are constantly seeking new ways to differentiate themselves and thrive. Innovation has therefore become a key word in this context. But what does it really mean to innovate in a rapidly changing world?

In this issue of ALIT Academy Magazine, we will explore the challenges and opportunities that innovation offers to modern companies like ours, focusing on the advancements in our machinery and the careful management we can have of our chemical products.

We will start by telling the story of a bold approach to innovation that has pushed us beyond the concept of simple paint stripping tanks, to offer customers a complete and ready-to-use automated service. The result is Fastrip T5 Multitank, a paint stripping tank followed by a rinsing tank and a loading-unloading station, all served by a manual overhead crane. In addition to this paint stripping solution, customers have the option to adopt a multifunctional trolley that allows for various uses, both for emptying solutions and for improved rinsing.

But ALIT’s innovation doesn’t stop there. Following the great interest received in 2022 for Fastrip T5, we have decided to invest in the improvement of the T2 line as well, developing the new Fastrip T2-120 Mix, a highly efficient and cost-effective small paint stripping tank, which you will find described in detail in the upcoming pages.

Lastly, we will tell you how this path of innovation, combined with ALIT’s longstanding commitment to internationalization, has led us to be recognized as Export Champions by the prestigious Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. This achievement confirms ALIT’s desire to be a leading player in the global market, and it would not have been possible without the trust given to us by our customers and the valuable collaboration of our distributors. We are especially grateful to all of you.

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