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ALIT Academy Magazine n. 3 has been released

The third issue of ALIT Academy Magazine features the products and technologies that will be presented at Aluminium 2022.

Despite this very difficult period due to raw material costs, war in Ukraine and political instability in several countries, the industrial market is still responding very well so far. Generally, pandemic restrictions seem to show a downward trend from last year, letting us hope they will not affect the market for next fall/winter. Next fall, we will be also actors at the ALUMINIUM trade fair, which will be held from 27 to 29 September 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

After several years of forced stop, we can finally come back to be exhibitors at this important fair, a long-awaited event and mostly, a milestone for the entire chain of the aluminium market. For this reason, this issue of ALIT Magazine wishes to be mainly addressed to ALUMINIUM fair.

The original installation for chemical stripping of hooks and frames, FASTRIP ISP, born in 2014, has been totally renewed and enriched with several features adopted during these years of developments and experience in the market. We were pioneers in this project, always focused to improve the process, both from a mechanical and chemical point of view and at the same time, improving the filtration system. Today, the FASTRIP ISP stripping tank has reached a high degree of efficiency, it is easier to use and offers high standards of results also thanks to development of new paint strippers such as METALSTRIP 1465.

We have recently developed an additive product to be used along with caustic soda solutions for extrusion dies cleaning. The product differs from other products on the market thanks to its several features: it has been developed to keep the process management as simple as possible; it allows to keep the bath temperatures under control, thus extending the lifetime of the baths by monitoring the dissolution of the aluminium. It is therefore a cost-saving product that enhances the caustic bath lifetime.

In this issue we will show you how paint stripping can help companies to recover paint-defective items on high quality finished products, such as aluminium doors. A real support to companies, especially during periods of significant loads of work.

Finally, ALUMINIUM will be the perfect opportunity to introduce an important ALIT development: Drizzling!

Drizzling is our new application process for chrome-free passivation metal products. It is a spray process that allows solutions to be applied through the atomisation of a fine mist capable of wrapping the item, especially developed for 7-metres vertical lines for aluminium profiles. This system has been developed to reduce water consumption after the passivation stage and, most of all, allows to apply a pollutant-free passivating solution to the manufactured items. This ensures an additional assurance for the customer, who can count on a chrome-free product’s performance always being at its best.

In conclusion, we are once again ready to show you several innovations, as well as applications of our processes and products.

We look forward to seeing you in Düsseldorf, if only to offer you a good glass of wine!

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