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Fastrip AP

Fastrip AP is the compact off-line system specially created for stripping aluminium profiles.

Fastrip AP allows stripping profiles up to 250 kg in weight and 8 metres in length.

The approximate stripping time is about 3 hours, depending on the type of paint and its thickness.

The system consists of a stripping tank, and a following rinsing tank.

Fastrip AP is extremely safe thanks to its integrated safety systems such as:

– Safety laser bar

– Surrounding wire mesh

– Fume extraction system

– Automatic lid

It can be integrated into existing processing lines or installed as a stand-alone system.

ALIT Technologies recommend the combination with the alkaline paint stripper Metalstrip 1333/1 in order to get the best result.

Metalstrip 1333/1 guarantees efficiency, long bath life and low environmental impact.

The system can also be combined with our Fastrip FP filtration system.



made with high-quality components and with AISI-304 stainless steel tanks


cycle time of about 3 hours and handling of two baskets at the same time, ensuring a working autonomy of around 8 hours


no chemical attack on aluminium, which maintains its properties unaltered.


continuous vertical swinging of the basket, which increases the performance of the paint stripping bath.


customisable rack or basket. Also available as a multi-tank plant with larger tanks and an overhead crane


remote control of the utilities for a predictive service, user-friendly software and HMI.


loading and unloading from the same side.


Industry 4.0

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